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Amazing Day! Limits of Halibut & Salmon

by afmtech
We had a great day on the water with the Smiths from Boise Idaho.  We decided to fish for Halibut first thing in the morning and quickly made our way down to one of my secret spots.  Not more than 5 minutes after the lines hit the water we got a double!  Jim boated a 65 lb fish and Eric a 32 lb fish. After another couple hours of fishing we had our limits of really nice halibut and decided to turn our attention to the Salmon.  While the Smiths had their lunch I stowed away the Halibut gear and […]

Alaska Salmon & Halibut

by Admin
Ever catch a 135 lb halibut?  Brian Berry did today!  It took Brian about 20 minutes to finally get the fish to the boat so we could gaff it.  Amazing fight … the fish surfaced twice and then headed back down to the bottom.  Brian was whooped after that fight.