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Alaskan Razor Clams


Per Person


Minimum 4 - Max 6

Availabity Based On Tides - Call Larry



You Need To Bring

Boat Ride To And From Claming Beds
Shovels - Buckets - Clam Guns
Instruction From Professional Clam Guide
Clam Cleaning Is Not Included
Alaska Fishing License - Its Required To Dig Clams
Boots - Warm Clothes - Hat
Lunch - Beverages - Snacks
Cooler To Take Your Clams Back With You

Digging Alaskan Razor Clams is a real treat,  but you need to be available to go on a minus tide of 3.8 or more.  When the tide drops these delicious clams are abundant and there is no limit to how many you harvest.  We just ask that you don't take more than you are willing to clean.

When digging Razor Clams your stroll along the beach and look for indentations in the sand (Larry will show you what to look for).  When you find a clam take your shovel or clam gun and start digging ... fast!  You will be surprised at how quick these clams can dig to get away from you.

Once you have dug down 1-2 feet then reach into the hole or sift through the sand the Clam Gun has pulled up and pull out your clam.  Wash the clam off, but it in the bucket and repeat.

As you will quickly find out, cleaning Razor Clams is an art.  The basic steps are:

Remove the clam from its shell by placing the clam in boiling water until the shell pops and then immediately submerging it in ice water.

Using a knife and kitchen scissors remove all the sand and brown stuff.  You will need to explore a bit to find all the hidden places where this accumulates, like in the neck, digger, insides, etc.

Once complete, then look one more time for sand, grit, more hidden brown stuff, because nobody enjoys biting into a bunch of sand.

A experienced cleaner can clean 12-15 clams per hour.  You do the math when digging the clams.  If you dig 100 clams you probably have 5-6 hours of cleaning ahead of you.